Аккорды A kak zhe metod? - Hum

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Вступление: Em7 Dm7

    C9          D6/B
The night sweeps my chest,
Am11/D                  Em
My thoughts turn blurry like your moves.
C9               D6/B
You've been here so long
          Am11/D                  Em
That your face's been mistaken for mine.
       C9           D6/B
I just asked you to believe in me,
Am11/D               Em
But now there's no eagerness left!

Два такта: Em

Em7                              Dm7 
Humiliation is not so far from humility —
You played with these silly words
To swindle me and my lovely dog.
Em7                                  Dm7
Humanity, humidity and all ths other hum's
Was it me who imagined it?

C9           D6/B
Watch — I can bring it down,
Am11/D        Em
Easily destroy what I gave birth to:
C9     D6/B
Dreams, ideas —
Am11/D       Em
Everything is made of ether.