Аккорды Alabama - Old Flame

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 G                C             G  
I saw you star-ing at each other  
I saw your e-yes begin to glow 
             G       C               G   C  
And I could t-ell you once were lov-ers 
                          D7        G  
You ain't hiding nothing I don't know 
 G7           C                   D7     G  
There's an old flame burning in your eyes 
        Em                                    D7  
That's tears can't drown and make-up can't disguise 
              G                    C  
Now that old flame might not be stronger 
     G                   C  
But it's been burning longer 
          Em        C          D7           G  
Than any spark I might of started in your eyes 
                 C            G  
You said it end-ed when he left you 
You say your love for me is strong 
               G           C         G   C  
But those old mem-ories still upset y-ou 
                          D7           G  
Well I might be a memory before too long
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