Аккорды Bananarama - Robert de Niro's Waiting

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(D)Hopes dashed to the (Am)floor 
Like shattered teenage (D)dreams (Am)oooh
(D)Boys living next (Am)door 
Are never what they (D)seem (Am)
A (Em)walk in the park can become a bad dream 
(G)People are staring and following me 
(Em)This is my only escape from it all 
(A)Watching a film or a face on the wall 

(C)Robert De Niro's waiting (G)Talking Italian x4

(D)I don't need a (Am)boy I've got a (D)man of steel (Am)Ooooh
(D)Don't come any (Am)closer I don't wanna (D)feel 
Your(Em) breathing, your touching, but nothing's for free 
I (G)never want this to happen to me 
(Em)Don't try to change me you're wasting your time 
(A)Now I've got something much better in mind