Аккорды Blackmore's night - Mid Winter's Night

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Дата добавления: 27 Августа 2021г.
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 D         G
 Maire, let campagno gansaion
 A       D
 A questo nue, balin-balan,
 D         G
 Leis ave, lei fedo sounaion.
 A       D
 D`ounte ven ageu sagan?
 Lou gat sauto dins la paniero,
 G      A
 Medor gingouelo dins lei champ,
 Em G     A
 E lei garri dins ta feniero,
 A Asus7  D
 Barruelon coume de bregand!
 A   Em   Bm
 The bells are ringing
 A   Em   Bm
 On Mid Winters Night
 G      A  D
 The moon sets all alone
 G   A     D   G          A        D
 And once again I try to sleep before morning light
 Too soon the sun will come a calling 
 over the hills in our little town
 Too soon the snow will start falling 
 over the world without a sound
 While in my room dreams are a fleeting
 I close my eyes one more time
 All too quickly the dawn is breaking 
 and I must leave the night behind.