Аккорды Bon Iver - The Wolves (Act I and II)

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Tuning: Standard
To get that tone he has live, I simply put my guitar through clean, and turn up the 

verse "someday my pain":

chorus "with the werewolves around you etc":
---------3s8~-------7~---5~-----|  x4 (0h2 and the sliding chord only on the
---------3s8~-------5~---3~-----|      first time, just strum the 886 for
---------1s6~-------------------|      the rest.)

bridge "what might have been lost":


^Figure out the strumming by listening to the track, it's pretty easy to hear, strum 
chords softly getting gradually louder as the vocal harmonies build.

outro "someday my pain":

This part is the same as the verse, except slower and softer. End on the chord below.