Аккорды Cliff Richard - Throw Down a Line

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 A                    G                                 D   
Throw down a line, help a poor boy who’s drowning in the stormy sea  
 A                G                                  D   
throw down a line, help a poor boy who’s hanging in a nowhere tree.                                         
Have you got a place for me?  
    Am                                    F  
1.  Men are tied in chains of silence, I look on violence,   
     G                                      D   
    up, down, left and right, is there no hope of light?  
    Am                                             F   
    The peaceful hand that once caressed me, hurts like the rest, 
               G                     D   
    because it’s turned to stone, talons of steel have grown. 

Am - F - G - D   
Am - F - G - D

     Am                                    F   
2. See the moon it’s getting nearer, but no more clearer 
           G                       D   
   than the earth below, what do we really know?  
    Am                                       F   
   I feel the stab od pain returning, despair is burning  
           G                           D   
   in my heart again. Why don’t they see the end? Oh!