Аккорды Don Gibson - Sea Of Heartbreak

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  G                   Em        C          D7  
The lights in the harbor  don't shine for me 
 G                 Em       C        D7  
I'm like a lost ship   lost on the sea 
            G                           D7  
The sea of heartbreak  lost love and loneliness 
                  G                        C  
Memories of your caress  so divine  how I wish  
               G                         D7  
You were mine again my dear  I'm on a sea of tears 
 A  sea of heartbreak 
 G           Em          C        D7  
How did I lose you  where did I fail 
 G             Em          C       D7  
Why did you leave me  always to sail 
repeat #2 
 C                     G  
Oh what I's give to sail back to shore 
 C                      D7  
Back to you arm once more 
 G               Em        C        D7  
So come to my rescue  come here to me 
 G             Em         C          D7  
Take me and keep me  away from this sea 
repeat #2
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