Аккорды Elizaveta - Hero

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Дата добавления: 19 Мая 2020г.
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Oh the hero comes 
I can hear the drums 
and our horses run to the kingdom come 
Through the pale moonlight 
our hearts ignite to the call 
Oh, claim your prize  
To the crown of stars 
In the name of love 
Be the sacrifice 
You and I will stand and fight 
Your backs to the wall. 
There is no escape 
let the fever rise 
as our horses rage  
and our goal's in sight; 
maybe I'm the one - 
I'm the one who will fall. 
Oh, lay me down 
on a bed of stone 
I will wait for you  
as I rest my soul 
I will watch you ride 
when you respond to the call. 
Shut your eyes 
Shut your eyes 
Don't be scared to shut your eyes 
Watch those lights  
from the stars 
in your head, hypnotized 
Join our fight for what's right 
let your heart be your guide.