Аккорды Ella Fitzgerald - Lullaby of Birdland

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  Em         C#m7-5    F#7-9      B7
  Lullaby of birdland, that's what I 
  Em9   Cmaj7  Am7     D7
  Always hear when you sigh 
  Bm7          Em7
  Never in my woodland 
  Am7             D#dim     G Cmaj7
  Could there be words to reveal 
      Am6          B7
  In a phrase how I feel 
  Em            C#m7-5    F#7-9   B7
  Have you ever heard two turtle doves 
  Em9     Cmaj7 Am7       D7  
  Bill and coo when they love 
  Bm7                Em7
  That's the kind of magic 
  Am7       D#dim         G D7
  Music we make with our lips 
  When we kiss 
  Em            E7          Am Am7
  And there's a weepy ol' willow 
  D7        D#dim        G
  He really knows how to cry 
  Em            E7        Am Am7
  That's how I cry in my pillow 
  D7             D#dim
  If you should tell me 
  G             B7
  Farewell and goodbye