Аккорды Ezra Furman - Queen Of Hearts

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  G                          Am7
It's the search for a church in the bottom of your purse
  D                      C
A spiritual home you can take to the mall
    G                           Am7
You dig and you dig but you can only find your wallet
         Bm*           Am7*          C
And your phone with a hundred missed calls
          Em*     D*        C
You could never return them all
G x2
[Verse 2]
      G                                   Am7
And I watch you with your purse from the adjacent coffee table
       D                           C
At the Starbucks they built inside my heart
         G                              Am7
And your make-up starts to run, you can see you're getting older
        Bm*       Am7*         C
You can see your life has been hard
             Em*          D*          C
Your face is worn like an old playing card
The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts
C G Am7 C G
[Verse 3]
     G                             Am7
I am working in my bedroom, I'm composing all the music
      D                       C
For a film that will never be made
         G                       Am7
It's the story of my life, a one million hour epic
        Bm*          Am7*         C
About a good man who went down in flames
        Em*           D*           C
Who got lost in God's multitude of names
G x2
[Verse 4]
     G                              Am7
I am searching, I am searching I am waving my antenna
          D                                C
Trying to pick up some signal through this dream
       G                   Am7
I'm an ant in a hill but I think and I feel
          Bm*                Am7*           C
And I'm composing these love letters to the queen
        Em*          D*         C
Hoping somebody will see what I mean
The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts
      G      Am7
The Queen of Hearts
C G Am7 C G
[Verse 5]
         G                      Am7
I always heard about God with a wink and a nod
          D                     C
I guess I took it all too seriously
          G                    Am7
But I was five years old and I took what I was told
   Bm*           Am7*              C
To mean that the sublime was in my reach
         Em*           D*               C
That the ocean of the known ends at the beach
Just up the street
G x2
[Verse 6]
      G                            Am7
These days people like that are considered aberrations
        D                     C
And I'm being corrected as we speak
           G                            Am7
This is my heart, it's a motor, it will search the world over
      Bm*            Am7*       C
I'm a search engine, see what I mean?
        Em*            D*                C
I don't need the Internet, I don't need TV
To find the queen
The Queen of Hearts
The Queen
[Verse 7]
          G*                          Am7*
So if you ever find that church that fits in your purse
       D*                            C*
Put it into your cold metal shopping cart
            G                           Am7
And keep on wandering the aisles on the sick fluorescent tiles
         Bm*       Am7*     C
We'll be miles and miles apart
            Em*              D*               C
I've got my own search, I'm still just at the start
        Em*        D*               C
I'll be out on the highways looking for my counterpart
    G        Am7
The Queen of Hearts