Аккорды Forgive-Me-Not - Crime

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Дата добавления: 13 Августа 2019г.
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Куплет 1:
Em                    Am
I know you'll end up dead
Em                       Am
Temptation is to strong for me
Em                        Am
And my blood froze at sight
Em                 G   D
Of you redeeing lethargy

Проигрыш: Em / G / C / Am }4x

Куплет 2:
Em              Am
Remorse take my life
Em                        Am
They stretch in never-ending line
Em                Am
Dive deeper into mind
Em                  G         D
Disgraceful place of modern crime

Em        D            Am 
Take me out of empty space
        C                  Em
There is no time to find trace
     D                   Am
Yesterday becomes as real as now
Em                            Am 
Tears dissolve heart made of stone
      C                  Em
Kind of pain that you belong
      D                         Am
Do you hear my screaming is too loud

Оригинал исполняется в тональности G#m. Аккорды C и D играю квинтами на III и V ладу соответственно.