Аккорды HighTim - You Will Never Be Alone

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Дата добавления: 30 Ноября 2019г.
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Dm          E                  C
Never was a man, that need the guidance
Dm          E                  C
Nights and Days you live another life

G            Cm9       E
Always knew and saw other directions
Cm9                             G
Lights attract and call for you away

Dm          E                  C
Aren't you tough? Now get your "true salvation"
Dm          E                  C
On the chest you need to bring that rocks

G                              D               
But now if you can look around you will see your friends 
E                                     C
Don`t doubt they help you out make it to the end
G                        D                   E  C
Save your breath and go, now you'll never be alone x2

Dm               E                    C
Time has passed, new home, but old the habits
Dm               E            C
Through the years the path is overgrown

G               Cm9           E
Labyrinth from fear in gloomy valley
Cm9                               G
Will hide forever trail that lead away

Dm                             E             C
And if your heart is stops and you are heavy breathing
Dm                      E                C
The needle pierced, the rope around your neck...

G                              D      
Just listen to the voice in the darkest night
E                                     C
It screams and burn all down bringing you the light
G                        D                   E C
Save your breath and go, the Love is came to you x2

G                   D            E
Held my hand and go you'll never be alone