Аккорды Low Roar - Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out)

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G        C    G
We were just kids 
      D   Em           C           G 
With visions and hearts that coincide 
G        C    G
Climb aboard our ship 
      D   Em           C             G D Em
We're going whether or not that you like 
           C             G  C G D Em C G D Em C
Whether or not that you like 

G              C      G
 We sailed across the sea 
 D   Em           C             G 
Aimlessly, no direction or timeline 
G               C       G
The shore we'd come to find 
      D   Em                 C             G 
We'd seen before, never spoke or shared a word 
D   Em             C                       G D Em
No need, your true thoughts they can't be heard
            C             G      
You're too beautiful for words

C G D Em C G D Em C G

G     C   G        D         Em
Don't follow roads paved in gold
           C            G 
They will only let you down
D          Em               C                     G 
What's the fun when you can't share what you've found
D         Em            C                 G       
Years to build, in a second it's brought down

G            C      G
No one will comfort me 
     D    Em             C         G 
Will know me or what's going on inside 
   D      Em           C                 G 
A vacant hole will remain that way for life
    D     Em           C                 G       
To remind me where the both of you once lied

C G D Em C G D Em C G

G             C         G
I've learned more from this 
      D   Em           C               G D Em
Than anything I have read in my whole life 
            C                  G 
I bet you both laugh at that line 

G           C       G
I miss the feel of it 
      D           Em           C            G 
Your touch, your kiss weighs heavy on my mind
    D   Em      C             G 
Our moment forever sealed in time 
    D   Em        C             G 
Our secret as much yours as is mine 
    D   Em           C            G D Em
All logic we have surely left defied 
       C                G  
I will hold you till I die

Outro: C G D Em C G D Em C G 

Standard tuning
No capo to play along with the original (for my voice, capo 4 if I don't want to leap between octaves vocally).