Аккорды Мистер Кто! - Cig smoke (Дым сигарет)

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Em   C G D  Em 
Hey, man, you are seeing
Cig smoke in gloom today.
It will remind of the Spring
That has gone away.
You thought that happiness belonged
To all, there was no price.
So, you were staying too long
In a fool’s paradise.
Woke up in the morning –
  Hangover headache.
  And bloody winter cold
  Crawling like a snake.
  The sky is blackening,
  And all around in vain.
  Your dream is slinking off
  Like joint is decaying.
Look, where is your heart?
In dusty memories.
And you no longer strive
To foolish reveries.
Today you blame all this world,
But you are locked in here tight.
 “Tell me why I am hollow?”
You’ve burned уоursеlfи inside!..