Аккорды Poets Of The Fall - Someone Special

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E         B               C#m         A   Asus4  A
I wake up to the sound of rain upon my sill

E   B               C#m         A   Asus4  A
Pick up the pieces of my yesterday old thrill

E      B      C#m
Can I deliver this used up shiver

        A      Asus4           E
To how I pronounce my life

E               B              C#m           A    Asus4 A
And I leave it up to faith to go by its own will


E    Bm                    A
Back row to the left, a little to the side

A        C#m
Slightly out of the place

C#m   F#         Am
Look beyond the light, where you'd least expect

Am              E
There's someone special