Аккорды Ronnie Milsap - Smoky Mountain Rain

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 Am                                 F  
I thumbed my way from LA back to Knoxville 
        C                                     G7  
I found out those bright lights ain't where I belong 
       Am                                  F  
From a phone booth in the rain I called to tell her 
 Dm                                     G7  
I've had a change of dreams I'm coming home 
          F                                       G7  
But tears filled my eyes when I found out she was gone 
 C                            Em  
Smoky Mountain Rain keeps on falling 
          F           G7  
I keep on calling her name 
 C                                Em  
Smoky Mountain Rain I'll keep on searching 
              F            G7  
I can't go on hurting this way 
      F                G7             C  
She's somewhere in the smoky mountain rain 
I waved a diesel down outside a cafe 
        C                        G7  
He said he was going as far as Gatlinburg 
   Am                               F  
I climbed up in the cab all wet and lonely 
 Dm                                 G7  
I wiped my eyes and told him about her 
     F                                             G7  
I've got to find her can you make these big wheels burn 
Repeat #2 
I can't blame her for letting go 
 A woman needs someone warm to hold 
I feel the rain running down my face 
I'll find her no matter what it takes 
Repeat #2
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