Аккорды Árstíðir - Lost in You

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[Instrumental Intro] 

Dm  Am  G  D
Dm  Am  F  G  D

[Verse 1]

Dm                Am
Take my time for certain
     G                    D 
and rest for your own sake 
Dm                     Am  F
Get far away from this burden
    G                  D
the empty decision to make 

  Dm                 Am
Tonight I wanted to show you 
    G               D
my love in every way 
     Dm                Am          F
And though we'll never see this through 
           G                     D
I'd still like it if you would stay 


Gm  Dm  C  G
Gm  Dm  Bb  C  G

[Verse 2]
(Only pluck the D- and B-strings to start with)

Some things that I needed to share my lost and found
       Dm            C    F
That's why I had to come here 
    G                     D   
in case I would see you around 

    Dm             Am
My words remain unspoken
   G                  D 
affection never shared 
 Dm                     C   F
Nothing but bonds to be broken 
In my mind still I always cared 


     Cm     Gm
I'm lost in you
       D#      F               C/G
won't find my way back home tonight 
     Gsus4  G#13      Cm        Gm 
This fee----ling is bringing me down 
           D#             Gsus4
keeps the morning out of sight 

Cm           Gm   D#
Now all your empathy
    F               G#13
is right where it belongs 
      G#        Gm           Cm    
while me and my sorrow carry on...

[Instrumental Outro]

Cm  Gm  F  C
Cm  Gm  D#  F  C