Аккорды Sawyer Brown - Dirt Road

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Intro: G  C  Em  D  G  C  Em  D  
      Em    C            G  
Daddy worked hard for his dollars 
             Em    C          D  
He said some folks don't, but that's okay 
          Em   C            G  
Well they won't know which road to follow 
          Em     D          G  
Because an easy street might lead you astray 
          C              G  
I'll take the dirt road, it's all I know 
     D                              G  
I been walkin' it for years, it's going where I need to go 
 D      C                 G  
It ain't easy, it ain't supposed to be 
 F       Em     C      F         Em          C  
So I'll take my time, and life won't pass me by 
     F         Em        C   D     G  
'Cause it's right there to find on the dirt road 
C  Em  D  G  C  Em  D  
     Em   C               G  
I have lived life in the fast lane 
                Em  C          D  
You gotta watch your back and look both ways 
             Em        C              G  
When it's said and done, the time we have is borrowed 
               Em           D            G  
You better make real sure you're headed the right way. 
Chorus (without the last phrase "on the dirt road") 


 G  C  Em  D     G     C  Em  D  G  
       on the dirt road    
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