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Bm    G                        E             
We’re two drifters, two lovers with no scrap 
of future a dying couple on the
Bm                   G               E  
the dank streets of Lisbon Will our fear 
be enough to make us feel alive?
Bm                   G              
Why am I trying to live through you? 
 E                  A
Why am I trying to live through you?

Bm              D           
Would you like kids, Odete? 
G                           E
Motherhood means giving up some of your life
Bm                   D          
Your hands are beautiful, Odete 
     G            E
Touch me but now let me lose myself
Bm           D               G           
My life so empty that gives nothing more 
Than the days spent with you
Bm                     D                 
I feel your hysterical jerking of my hips 
      G                     E
I’m trying to believe you, touching your lips

C              Em            
Please, please tell me, Odete 
             G                     D
Could you replace your lover with me?
C                        Em       
Convincing yourself to love is the 
       G                   D
To love is the hardest thing

You’ll dance on my grave 
And you’ll fuck my soul 
  G                     E
You have the right to lie to me too
Bm                         D  
I spy on you and envy the love 
                G                  E
that bound you I want to try to understand where
The joy starts n fades 
 D                 G           
Death didn’t take take him away 
Relieve him through me
Bm                        D             
I’m vulgar, I’m crazy and I’m loving you
  G                  E
C’mon Odete Sleep on my tomb
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