Аккорды The Beatles - Fixing a Hole

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F C+ Fm7 (3 beats per chord)

Bb9 F C+ Fm7 Fm6
I`m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and
Fm7 Fm6 Fm7 Fm6 Fm7 Fm6
stops my mind from wan - dering where it will go

I`m filling the cracks that ran through the door and
kept my mind from wan - dering where it will go And it

F Gm/C F Gm/C
really doesn`t matter if I`m wrong I`m right where I belong
F Gm/C F
I`m right where I belong

See the people standing there who disagree and never win and
wonder why they don`t get in my door I`m

F C+ Fm7 Fm6 Fm7
painting the room in a col - orful
way and when my mind is wan -
Fm6 Fm7 Fm6 Fm7
dering there I will go Oo oo oo ah

Silly people run around who worry me and never ask me
why they don`t get past my door I`m
taking the time to do a number of
things that weren`t important yes-
terday and I still go

Bb9 = x10111
C+ = xx3110
Gm/C = x3033x
Fm6 = xx0111
Fm7 = xx1111
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