Аккорды The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Ballad of Jim Jones

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A                   D         A
I walked to NY and back from LA
  A                        D           A 
I lived on a mountain and once by the bay
  A                             D           A
i bought an apartment and I've slept in the hay
but theres no place thats softer than...

    A                     D          A   
the living today is just getting so bad
         A                        D   
theres a look on your face and it says 
you've been had
         A                          D            A
you can take all my money but just dont make me mad
cause theres nobody meaner than...

A                    D         A
I pray to buddha to allah and jim
A                       D               A
I turned to jesus and stayed there with him
A                      D             A
i barely live but i learned how to swim
now theres nobody cleaner than me or than him.
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