Аккорды The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Nightbird

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A                        Em         G A
I don't know what to do, laugh or cry
A                       Em       G A
Opened my eyes and said "Goodbye"
A                Em         G A
Wake up and come back to bed
A                            Em             G A
Or think of something that I should have said

G Em D A

A                 Em            G A
I went asleep and closed my eyes
A                     Em            G A
I spread my wings and started to fly
A                              Em          G A
As I've never been the one for long goodbyes
A                       Em            G A
A cool cool breeze goes through my mind

G Em D A }x2

A                     Em             G A
She do believe in the good for the bad
A                         Em        G A
When the live you live is so damn sad
A                        Em        G A
So what to believe if I show the way
A                     Em       G A
Threw up my hands I'm done today

Outro: G Em D A }x3 G Em        
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