Аккорды The Unicorns - Ready to Die

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A                       D             E7
I woke up thirsty on an island in the sea
A                            D                   E7
I woke up hungry with hungry cougars surrounding me
A                          Bm              E7
I hit the soft spot on the soft spot on my head
A                     B            E
It made me tired so I sung from my bed

F#m            A                 D                 E
"I'm ready to die, I'm ready to die, I'm ready to die"

F#m                                 Bm
A sword, a switchblade, any way you cut it
           A                        C#
I'm not afraid, i know I'm going to get it
     F#m                 A
Oh, maker of such fine products
    D                  E
As palm trees, and the dead sea
F#m              Bm
Don't pardon me, there's nothing rude
A                C#
Things conclude, things conclude!

As I slurred that chorus
               Bm                  E
The ghosts got Biggie Small sounds like a drill
The death sweat suits me
  D            E
A death threat provides a thrill
A                           Bm             E 
I've seen the world, kissed all the pretty girls
A                         Bm                E
I've said my goodbyes and now I'm ready to die. Oh!

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