Аккорды Thromae - High walls of stone

Добавлено: @romashka
Дата добавления: 13 Октября 2016г.
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C  Em
we dancing like a sunday
Em7 G
but every step was a mistake
we created a traffic jam on the highway
Dsus4  C
and hadn't the strength to stay

but it was so unimportant
and sunday already passed
it was so wrongly
that it used to be in us

C  Em
and we come here alone
we don't know where we will go
D  Dsus4
everywhere the high walls of stone
We didn't notice the love
which then raises us above
each of us was simply proud

and we just wanted to believe
that happiness is somewhere near
but then we're were relieved
when parted with their fears

we heard the our hearts
we get lost in this world of lies
thought that we both are the cards
in a world where you don't need to cry

Chorus 2x
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