Аккорды Tom T. Hall - Ravishing Ruby

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 G           D7                  G  
Ravishing Ruby she's been a-round for a while 
           D7               G  
Ravishing Ruby she was a truck stop child 
Born in the back of a rig  somewhere near L.А. 
           G                   D7                  G  
Ravishing Ruby you poured a lot of hot coffee in your day 
           D7                G  
Ravishing Ruby believe anything you say 
               D7                         G  
Just like her daddy said  said he'd be back some day 
She was just fourteen  she grew up wild and free 
             G                            D7  
And all the time she'd been waiting on him 
She'd been waiting on you and me 
           C                      G  
Ravishing Ruby she sleeps in a bunk out back 
Her days and nights are filled with dreams 
Of a man named Smiling Jack 
              C                                 G  
That was her daddy's name and that's all she ever knew 
           D7                                  G  
Ravishing Ruby ain't got time for guys like me and you 
           D7                 G  
Ravishing Ruby a beautiful young girl now 
           D7                G  
Ravishing Ruby she made a solemn vow 
Waiting on Smiling Jack  he'll come rolling by 
                  G                      D7  
And she wants to see him she wants to touch him 
Either way dead or alive 
Repeat #3