Аккорды Tori Amos - A sorta fairytale

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Intro Am Em D х2

       Am Em   D
On my way up north up on the ventura
       Am Em   D
I pulled back the hood and I was talking to you
       Am Em   D
and I knew then it would be a life long thing
             Am  Em   D
but I didn't know that we

we could break a silver lining

     Em   C  Em
and I'm so sad like a good book
D               Em  C
I can't put this day back
Em   D
A sorta fairytale with you
Em   C
Em   D
a sorta fairytale
        Em C
with you

 Am        D
Things that you said that day up on the 01
      Am       Em        D
the girl had come undone
                              Am Em        D
I tried to downplay it with a bet about us

you said that
                Am    Em         D
you'd take it as long as I could

I could not erase it

       Em         C
And I ride along side
       Em         D
and I rode along side you then
       Em         C
and I rode along side
          Em           D
till you lost me there in the open road
        Em        C             G             D
and I rode along side till the honey spread itself so thin for me
Am                         C
to break your bread for me to take your world
D    Em        C      G D
I had to steal it

Em              C
Way up north I took my day
D                 Am
all in all was a pretty nice day
      Em           C
and I put the hood right back where
D                Am
you could taste heaven perfectly
Em            C
feel out the summer breeze
D                Am
didn't know when we'd be back and I,
Em        C                D         Am
I don't didn't think we'd end up like this