Аккорды Wendy McNeill - In Bocca Al Lupo

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      Bbm                 Ebm
The damp air carried the smell of musty cotton
Fm          Bbm
And burning sugar
      Bbm              Ebm
The red moon over the brackish dark water
Fm        Bbm
Whispered danger
Bbm Ebm     Fm       Bbm
Ou-a-ha, in bocca al lupo
Bbm Ebm   Fm      Bbm
Ou-a-ha, crepi il lupo

La Merica won't you please, please won't you be
A place that loves music and the man that made me
These docks are a war zone, such ferocity
I wonder if we should have left dear Sicily

I am steel reeds, gaskets and kidskin gusset
I'm gleaming green
Set in Circassian walnut
He crafted me with love
And I am his best shot
At getting out of the shipyards
And starting his music shop

Oh, in bocca al lupo
Oh, crepi il lupo

His eyes grew nervous, his touch grew rough
I think it troubled him that no one liked our melodies much
The French swore for waltzes, the Irish jigs and reels
A choppy sort of fusion was…