Аккорды Adam Young - Sailboats

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C                              G 
Sailboats wish that they were stars, 
Floating softly in the sky 
Among our dreams that bid goodbye 
C                         G 
Moving through transparent space,  
Drifting through the stratosphere 
  F                   G 
And onward 'till they disappear 
C                          G 
These continents from overhead 
Look like tiny paper shapes 
Intricately set in place 
C                      G 
Below the misty mountain clouds 
Theres a lovely silver bay 
      F              G         C 
Where sunset sailors often hideaway 
F      C            G 
Scuba diver in the lock, 
F         C             G  
Speedboat driver on the dock 
F          C            G           Am             
Sailplane pilot in the blue take me up there with you 
F                  C               Am      G 
The world looks brighter from this high altitude 
F        C                  G 
I was walking through the trees (Sailboats wish they were stars) 
F            C                 G 
And I was swimming through the sea (Cause they don't know 
who they are) 
F       C                  G 
I was falling through the air 
         Am            F 
When it hit me right there... 
F           C          Am       G 
My eyes are tired; I don't even care 
Interlude: C G Am F }x2 G 
C                         G 
An airplane carried me to bed,  
Where i slept above the coast  
And dreamt I had become a ghost 
C                          G 
I sailed above the frozen peaks, 
Deep in cold cathedral caves 
  F                  G               C 
Across the hills and far beyond the waves 
F         C          G 
Take the car on the lawn 
F         C         G    
Fly the jet to the sun 
F                   C 
And bring the spacecraft 
    G                 Am             F 
in soon while I play chess with the moon 
F              C                  Am        G  
I feel like sleeping through this cold afternoon 
F        C G                             
Once in 1964 (Sailboats wish they were stars) 
F           C           G 
An actress ran on the shore (Cause they don't know who they are) 
F                   C        G 
And though you'll never return, 
I love you Audrey Hepburn 
F           C            Am            G     
Sometimes I can see your face in the crowd 
F           C             G 
There are sailboats throughout this brilliant sky 
F           C             G 
But you cannot pick them out if you can't fly 
F              C             G 
I'm glad the Earth doesn't care 
If I go up there 
F        C           Am              G            C 
If you want to just ask me and I'll take you along..
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