Аккорды Аквариум - Up In Smoke

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Дата добавления: 13 Апреля 2013г.
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D        Hm       A       D
Book of love in front of me
  G                D   A
Tries to bite my chin;
D      Hm      A        D
Angel right behind my shoulder
 G             D   A
Waits to do me in;
Hm        G
I wish I had a heart
    Hm             A
To walk me like a dog -
     D     A   G     D
But life's a sweet thing,
 G            D
Going up in smoke.

Used to be a passenger,
Now they take me as their own;
Used to be a fisher-king
But now my cross is gone.
I wish I had some faith,
But all I do is talk -
And life's a sweet thing,
Going up in smoke.

We could be engineers,
We could drive a coach;
Could be real New Age
With positive approach.
I wish I still could laugh,
I wish it was a joke -
But life's a sweet thing,
Going up in smoke.
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