Аккорды Andrew Garfield - 30/90

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C               Fsus2
Stop the clock, take time out
C                 Fsus2
Time to regroup before you lose the bout
C                 Fsus2
Freeze the frame, back it up
C5                Fsus2
Time to refocus before they wrap it up
G                 G/F      G                      G/F            G
Years are getting shorter, lines on your face are getting longer
                 G/F            Em7                   E                F
Feel like you're treading water,   but the rip tide's getting stronger
Don't panic, don't jump ship
Can't fight it, like taxes
                         F/Bb         Gsus G C
At least it happens only once in your life
                 Am7              Em               F                C
They're singing "Happy Birthday," you just want to lay down and cry
           Fm7            Dm7            C/F G
Not just another birthday,   it's thirty ninety
C                  Am7
Why can't you stay twenty-nine?
      Em                  F                 C
Hell, you still feel like you're twenty-two
             Am7              Dm
Turn thirty, nineteen ninety, bang!
                  F   G   C5
You're dead, what can you do?
         Fsus2 C5
What can you   do?
             Fsus2 C
What can you do?
                         F          C
Clear the runway, make another pass
Try one more approach before you're out of gas
G                   G/F     G                      G/F             G
Friends are getting fatter, hairs on your head are getting thinner
            G/F           Em7               E               F
Feel like a cleanup batter   on a team that ain't a winner?
Don't freak out, don't strike out
Can't fight it, like city hall
                                F/Bb              Gsus G C
At least you're not alone, your friends are there too
They're singing "Happy birthday"
Em                F              C
You just wish you could run away
           Am7              Dm7
Who cares about a birthday?
           C/F G   C
But thirty ninety, hey!
Can you be optimistic?
Em               F           C
You're no longer the ingenue
             G/A          Am
Turn thirty, nineteen ninety
You're passe!
     G   C5
What can you do?
         Fsus2 C5
What can you   do?
             Fsus2 E D A G
What can you do?
Dm            G                  C            F
Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, which way to Never Never Land?
Bb             Eb            Ab               F        C/E         Dm
Emrald City's gone to hell, since the wizard blew off his command
                  G               C               F
On the street you hear the voices: lost children, crocodiles
Bb             Eb                                Cm7
You're not into  making choices, wicked witches, poppy fields, or men behind the curtain
Tiger lilies, ruby slippers
Fm7               G          G/A     D
Clock is ticking, that's for certain
They're singing "Happy Birthday"
F#m       G                D
I wish it all were a dream
              Bm7                Em
It feels much more like doomsday
            D/G A
Fuck thirty ninety!
D                 Bm7            F#m            G                D
Seems like I'm in for a twister, I  don't see a rainbow, do you?
Turn thirty in the nineties
Into my hands now the ball is passed
I want the spoils but not too fast
    Em                                 Bm
The world is calling, it's now at Neverland
Why can't I stay a child forever? And thirty ninety
              Bm/F#                             G                                 G/A
Thirty ninety,     thirty ninety, thirty ninety, thirty ninety, thirty thirty ninety!
           D5 Gsus2 D5
What can I do?
           Gsus2 D2
What can I do? 

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