Аккорды Bellamy Brothers - More Of You

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 G                                D7  
Hearts burning like they were on fire  
 Am     D7                   G  
Flames changing our love to desire  
Babe my heart is screaming to say  
 Am    D7                   G    D7  
Girl  we got to go all the way   
       G                                 D7  
I need more of you changing my rain into sun  
 Am          D7                      G    D7  
More of you putting my blues on the run   
       G                                  D  
I need more of you darling I need more of you  
 Am    D7                     G  
More  anything less wouldn't do   
We ain't been together too long   
 Am      D7                      G  
Strange how did our love get so strong   
There's nothing to keep us apart   
 Am  D7                     G  
We  got to catch up to our hearts   
Repeat #2 x2
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