Аккорды Bumpin Uglies - Nine Words

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Дата добавления: 31 Января 2024г.
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Verse- Em - Am - D - C- G

Chorus- C - G - C - G - Em - C - G - Am - C - D

I’ve been coming around here for years
The furnitures moved but the same faces still appear
I can tell me calendar days by the prices that they set on the domestic beer
Now farewells are becoming an acquired taste the mirrors been presenting an unfamiliar face
I can no longer disguise the surprise in my eyes I guess didn’t expect to end up in this place
But what is expected that really occurs decisions dissected still don’t reverse
Try to resist stare down the abyss let yourself fall to see what truly exists
And hopefully you find that which you desire but if love is what you need my dear 
heres what I require

Give me just nine words before we fall
Love my faults or don’t love me at all
Because the man that you can deeply for today
Isn’t long for this world and tomorrow he’ll become just another victim of change

See I tried my best to stay the same failed but I took it in a different way
You see theres no escape from your date with fate you always pay but the bitch is never late
So embrace it enjoy it don’t waste it I implore you theres no sweating what you can not help
You’re just not selling whats not on the shelf so don’t stress it too hard or you’ll lose yourself

Но если и музыка нас оставит, что будет тогда с нашим миром? (Гоголь)
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