Аккорды Cherie Call - One Good Woman

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A                  D
Mary Chilton never knew
Bm             E
What the salty winds would do,
When she stepped aboard
And sailed away,
Bm           E
On that 1620 Autumn day.
D           Bm
At Plymouth Rock
            A              E   
She was the first to touch dry ground.
    D             Bm
But she became an orphan when,
A                       E   
The winter came and the tears fell down,
A                 D              E
But she grew, and married a good man.
         A       E       D          
And they had eleven children,
          Bm            E         A           D   
Who could never understand what she'd been through.
          A           D            Bm
But they knew, that a girl of just thirteen,
        A   E   D
Crossed one big ocean,
         Bm             E
And that she grew up to be,
A   E    D
One good woman.

2nd Verse
A                  D
Polly Angel didn't know
         Bm                  E
What the hands of time would show
When she dressed in white
And said "I do"
       Bm         E
In the fall of 1832.
D              Bm   
Her life would change that very
A           E
Year forevermore.
D                   Bm                   
When they heard the message of two
A                  E 
Strangers at their door
They headed West
   D                E
An Polly had six children
    Bm           E
But only two survived
               Bm           E
And they could never understand 
      A            D
What she'd been through
         A             D             Bm
But they knew, that a woman of great faith,
        A    E     D
Crossed one big country.
         Bm               E
And that they were being raised,
   A   E     D
By One Good Woman.

There they are,
A                          D
Written in the spaces of a family tree,
E                Bm      A
Til it all comes down to me.

3rd Verse

I know that I can never say,

That I'm the only one who's prayed

For pain to end or love to last

Or for time to not go by so fast.

But it will fly and in

A hundred years from now,

Will there ever be someone,

Who reads my name and wonders

If I laughed, or if I believed in Jesus,

Or if my heart was broken.

They may never understand what I go through,

But I will live, the best that I know how

For one big lifetime

It's not too much to ask

Of one good woman.