Аккорды Elevation Worship - Unstoppable God

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Дата добавления: 08 Октября 2018г.
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Intro: D  Em  C }x2
Verse 1:
 D  Em  C           D  Em       C
Heaven thundered and the world was born 
 D  Em  C              D      Em        C
Life begins and ends in the dust You formed 
 D  Em  C          D  Em       C
Faith commanded and the mountains moved 
 D  Em  C             D        Em       C
Fear is losing ground to our hope in You 
 G            Am
Unstoppable God 
                   Em    C
Let Your glory go on and on 
 G              Am
Impossible things  
                    Em        C
In Your name they shall be done 
Verse 2:
 D  Em  C              D  Em       C
     Freedom conquered,  all our chains undone 
 D  Em  C            D     Em     C
     Sin defeated, Jesus has overcome 
 D  Em  C            D  Em      C
     Mercy triumphed  when the third day dawned 
 D  Em  C              D          Em          C
     Darkness was denied when the storm was gone 
Chorus x2
Instrumental: G  G/B  C  D
              Em  G  C
Bridge: x4
 G                  G/B
Nothing shall be impossible 
 C                      D
Your kingdom reigns unstoppable 
 Em                         G
We'll shout Your praise forevermore 
Jesus, our God unstoppable 
Chorus x2
Outro: G  Am  Em  C | G  Am  Em
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