Аккорды Elliott Smith - Miss Misery

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Capo 1

Verse 1:
   C#m        B        F#m        E  F#madd9
 I'll fake it through the day with some help 
 From Johnnie Walker Red 
    E   F#m   B A  E 
 Send the poison brain down the drain to put 
       Bsus9  B 
 Bad thoughts in my head 
   C#m       B      F#m     E      F#madd9
 Two tickets torn in half for LA 
 With nothing to do 
  E B   A Esus2 B 
 Do you miss me, Miss Misery 
    A   E 
 Like you say you do 
Bridge 1:
        G       Bm       E           G 
 We met in the park, read the lines in my hand 
        D     B 
 Told me I'm strong, hardly ever wrong, I said, man you mean
Verse 2: 
 You had plans for both of us that involved 
 A trip out of town 
 To a place I seen in a magazine that you 
 Left lyin' around 
    I don't have you with me but I keep 
 A good attitude 
Middle Eight:
        A          B    E 
 I know you'd rather see me gone, than to see me 
      C#m A 
 The way that I am 
    B Ab 
 But I am in the life anyway 
Verse 3:
 Next door, TV's flashing blue 
 Frames on the wall 
 It's a comedy of errors you see 
 It's about taking a fall 
 To vanish into oblivion 
 It's easy to do 
Chorus Chords:
 And I try to be but you know me 
 I come back when you want me to