Аккорды Gamma Ray - The Silence

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     G D Em Bm C G D

     G D Em Bm C D G

                  G                 D       
When you're drowning, when you're freezin', 
               Em     C
when you're feeling cold
            G           D              C              G D
There's a light in the darkness as the elder always told.
           G               D              Em              C
When the winter's coming closer and the autumn's passing by,
           G                  D              C                 G D
Then the world will sink in silence and I think we all should try.

Am           D    
Oh, I wanna live my life in a fairy tale
 Em                       D           C
Where the end is always good and never sad.
 G          Em        D       C
Show me the way to another world
 C                         D            G  D
Where the sun is always shining in the end.

         G     D       Em            C    G      D
And we fight back the tears, and we lose our fears.
          C                G            D  D7
Let the world remain in silence for a while.
 G           D          Em           Bm
Sun in our minds in a world full of ice,
           C      D                  G
Let the silence remain for a little while.

 Bm               Em               
Somebody came and slammed the door 
          D                     G      
took the feelin' away from our hearts;
         F#                     Bm  
And the horror took hold of a place 
in our hearts filled with love.


 Em                            D
What is left behind the ice, behind the make up and the lies
C                                     Em
Tell me what goes on inside our minds.
 Em                           D
There is a hole in our sky, getting bigger growing wide
 C                               Em
No more answer but we hold the line - - uh, yeah - - -

 Em      Bm       F#           F#7     B  
See and hear what we have done to us all, 
             B7                E
we wanna be free more than anything,
        Em          B
Do you hear what I say to you?
         F#                   Em         B
We will make it through, the sun shall shine.

Solo: Em C }x2
      Em D C B7 }x4
 C                         D
Hear the words we say and see the light of day
     Am                 C        D              D7
We never will be free until the sun is shining for us all

Solo: G D G D G D G 

       G        D       Em                   Bm
Carry on, carry on and make our dreams come true
     C             G                D       D7
And for a little while we stay together.
       G         D       Em           Bm
Carry on, carry on, may all our lovin'stay
     C            D              C          G
And for a little while we stay together forever,
   C         G
Together, forever.