Аккорды Half Moon Run - Need It

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[Intro] Am  G  C  Fmaj7       2x

[Verse 1]
       Dm            Am
In a dream, I was untrue
           Dm                      Fmaj7 - C
Shouted in sweats, And I knew it was you
        Dm                     Am   
All the while as I traced your spine
            Dm                    Fmaj7 - C   Am
Tore out my hair as my peace of mind

                       G               C
Well if you breathe in, I'll breathe in
           Fmaj7      Am
Slowly let go
               G                C
If you need it, Then I need it,
           Fmaj7      Am
Only we'll know

[Verse 2]
             Dm                   Am
Can't be the same, As we lie in a lie
             Dm                     Fmaj7 - C Dm
Knowing full well, Your virtue's my vice
                    Am                      Dm
In the night we are one, 'Til the moment is gone,
                      Fmaj7 - C                Am
'Til my race has been run

Em                    Dm                       C
And those sorry words, Make me not know my mind          
And they're so afraid for use

Am  G  C  Fmaj7 2x

                     G                       C
And if you breathe in, Then I'll breathe in
And only we'll know