Аккорды Hayes Carll - Another Like You

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G   F    C                                                                             G
You were smoking on a cigarette, talking about the deficit, putting all them wild boys down
A-like a drunken Mona Lisa or the Leanin' Tower of Pisa, you were hanging off the edge of town
  C                                                                C7      F
I overheard Afghanistan is safer than a minivan, left me wonderin' what to do
           F                               C                         G                       C
Ah, you're like a four leaf clover, I just had to come on over, I've never seen a woman like you

        C                                                                                    G
You was falling like the Alamo, drinking fast and talking slow, looking like it's time to go home
Were you hitting on the stripper cause you can't afford to tip her or just afraid of being alone
        C                                                            C7            F
You was openly frustrated, you said Dylan's over rated while singing Tangled Up In Blue
        F                                C                               G                        C
I don't know what I was thinking I could feel my heart a-sinking, I have never seen a fellow like you

Bridge 1:
               G                                   F     C    F-C
Ain't that the way we do it's true we fall for the first one
G                              F     G  
How come it always ends up the worst one

            C                                                                                G
Well you're probably a Democrat, but what the hell is wrong with that, nothing if you're Taliban
I bet you slept with half the south, don't you ever shut your mouth, how much did you pay for that tan
Shouldn't you be purging, you're probably still a virgin, I can't believe you're not on The View
         F                               C                                G                       C
Have to have another round, it's looking like we're trouble bound, I have never seen another like you

Bridge 2:
               G                                F      C         F-C
Ain't that the way we do it's true you take the breath from me
G                                     F        G
It seems like you are bound to be the death of me

         C                                                                            G
Oh, well, a couple hours later, we were in the elevator, a-making out like Bonnie and Clyde
We were dizzy from the love we found, throwin' up and goin' down, lord it's been a hell of a ride
  C                                                                        C7             F
I'm having trouble breathing, well I probably should be leaving,you know I'm up in room 402
        F                                C                               G                        C
Well I gotta hand it to you, there's a chance I'm gonna screw you, I have never seen another like you
           F                                C                               G                   
I don't know if it's forever but I'm glad that we're together, I have never seen another like you