Аккорды Jack White - If I Die Tomorrow

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[Intro]: x2  Dm  Bb  G

[Verse 1]:
G    Dm      Bb
If I - die tomorrow
Could you find it in your heart to sing
   Dm                 Bb
If my mother cries in sorrow?
Will you help her with the many things
         Dm                 Bb              G
That she needs from time to time and day to day?
        Dm      Bb
So if I - die tomorrow
Will you know exactly what to say today?

[Interlude]: x2 Dm  Bb  G

[Verse 2]:
G         Dm         Bb
She won't - mind the trouble
She's been through it all before, I know
       Dm              Bb
She'll say, "Make it a double"
Of her lemon drink and before you know
          Dm                 Bb                  G
She'll be laughing 'bout the times and those old days
        Dm      Bb
So if I - die tomorrow
        G                        Dm  Bb  G
Promise you can walk away okay, okay?

A              F
  I hate to to think about it
  So it helps to shout it
A                  F
  And if you could help me out
It would mean so much for my peace of mind
A         F
  And her heart is careworn
  And еvеr since I was a newborn
A           F                       G
  I рusнеd aside this worry for the sake of my life

[Instrumental]: x4 Am  F  G

[Verse 3]:
G      Dm    Bb
If I - die tomorrow
Will you let me know I left in peace?
  Dm             Bb
I - begged and I borrowed
Everybody's love and they gave for free
      Dm                Bb              G
And I wish that I could give it back to them
        Dm      Bb
So if I - die tomorrow
         G                                   D
Will you give them all the love they lent to me?