Аккорды Jacob Collier - Make Me Cry

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[Verse 1]
D         G            D           G
In every sea there's a mouth of a river
      D         G           D    G
Where waterfall riches flow down
            C6/9 FM9 C6/9 FM9
Why do they cry?
             D G D G
No one knows why
D        G               D          G
In every mouth there's a word of forgiveness
D                  G          D
That melts all the ice to the ground
           FM9 C6/9 FM9 C6/9
Why do you sigh?
             D G D G
I don't know why

             B   E/B  B
Why does the sky fall down
E/B EbM9 Ab6 Db6/9
Like pouring rain?
To let it flow again
E              A/E
Gonna make you feel alright
B7sus4/E                    A/E
Take your dreams, keep them out of sight
E              A/E
Wanna make you come alive
B7sus4/E                  A/E
Close your eyes, keep you warm at night
G                A
So come a little closer to me
G                A                G
So many things I want you to see
E7 G6/9 D G D G D G D G
My darling

[Verse 3]
D        G            D
In every laugh is the sorrow
   G          D                 G           D
Of all of the tears that you've held for so long
      G           FM9 C6/9 FM9
Would you make me cry?
    C6/9 C6/9/B D/A G D G
Oh, let me run dry
D        G            DM7       G
In every tear are the eyes of a father
    D           G              DM7
And mother that brought you to see
G    FM9 C6/9 FM9
Sing lullaby
   C6/9         D                 G     D
As you say goodnight, night, night (goodnight)

           B     E/B  B     B     E/B B     E/B     
Why do the stars look down (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10)
E/B EbM9 Ab6 Db6/9 EbM9            Ab6             Db6/9                 EbM9
And feel no shame (Counting up the droplets of the tears falling from the sky)
     EbM9             E
When they are all the same?
Gonna set your mind alight
B7sus4/E                 A/E
Keep you close to me and hold you tight
E              A/E
Wanna keep you burning bright
B7sus4/E                    A/E
Take your words, shine them like a light
G                A
So come a little closer to me (Come a little closer)
G                A            G
So many things I want you to see (Many think I want you to see)
E7 G6/9 D G D G D G D G
My darling

D        G           D            G
In every soul is the need to grow older
   D            G          D
To speed up the passing of time

I don't know why
But it makes me cry

D G D G D