Аккорды Jim Croce - A Long Time Ago

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Intro: G - D - Em - C - G/B - Am - C - G

G                 D          Em
Seems like such a long time ago
C     G/B        Am  C  G
I was walking on lonely road
G                D         Em
Getting tired of dreamin' alone
C            G/B           Am C   G
Like all the lonely people I  had known

Seems like such a long time ago
There was no-one who would share my song
I was just a boy far from home
And I became a man when you came along

C  C/B       Am    Am/G     Em
We spent the whole night talking
    D          C       G       D   G
You said you'd like to see the sun rise
C   C/B    Am   Am/G  Em
But in the gold of morning
                  D      C       G       D    G
There was nothing that I had not seen in your eyes
Em   D

C          G/B
I was so afraid to touch you
A                    G
Thought you were too young to know
C                     C/B        Am Em D
So I just watched you sleeping
C                 G/B
Then you woke and said to me
    Am               G
The night is cold it frightens me
C                C/B          Am Em D
I could sleep so easy next to you

Wasn't very long ago
You said that you would like to share my road
Then you started singing my song

You said so many nights are waiting
Let's not spent a moment waisting time
'Cause we have very far to go
I will go if you will take me
I have never had a lover
I am young but I am so alone

We spent the whole night talking
But in the gold of morning
Em D   D7  G
Hmmm,  mmm mmm

Intro & verse (Seems like such a long time ago...)

  G     -     D     -      Em    -     -     -

  C     -     G/B   -      -     -     -     -