Аккорды Jimmy Buffett - Colour Of The Sun

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Touching down the highwire clown
G                         A  D
Balances dreams that he’s chosen

Northern lights, all draped around
G                         A  D
Melting a stream that was frozen

Bicycles with rusted wheels
G                    A  D  
A frame in need of adjusting

Red sky night that Fred Neil feels
G                          A   D
Back when the Grove wasn’t bustling
Bm                    G           D
The working tide will come around again
Bm              G              D         A
A serenade lies waiting in the wind

Em           D       A
For all your worldly treasures
D                     G
There’s nothing to be won
Em      D       A
Nothing left to measure
G                       A             D
Just you and me and the colour of the sun

Wide-eyed child wonders how
G                       A D
The sky connects to the ocean

Spinning fast then as now
G                    A  D
She’s unaware of the motion
Bm                G                 D        
Wise men and then fools keep takin’ turns
Bm             G               D        A
Every day more bridges seem to burn
Em            D         A
With all your vaults of treasure
D                             G
Would you trade them for some fun
Em         D        A
What’s the price of pleasure
Just you and me

C                              D
You can add subtract divide or multiply
Watch the particles collide
And trust the stars up in the sky

Sand dunes gone, snatched by a storm
G                    A   D
Are the poles really shifting?

Gypsy rains wash over the plains
G                         A   D
Wood and dreams are still drifting
Bm                    G                D
The best of times can still somehow be found
Bm                G            D             A
Even the worst of beaches will never let you down
Em           D       A
For all your worldly treasures
D                         G
For your battles lost and won
Em      D       A
Nothing left to measure
G                        A             D
Just you and me, and the colour of the sun
Colour of the sun		
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