Аккорды Jimmy Buffett - Earl's Dead - Cadillac for Sale

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[Verse 1]
F      C     G            C
Earl’s dead- Cadillac for sale
   F        C               G        C
An Eldorado sits out on the  Tamiami Trail
F           C          G               Am
Sign on the windshield tells the whole tale
F      C     G            C
Earl’s dead- Cadillac for sale

He was a   circus man when they first met
       F                   C
He was fired from a cannon into a net
The money was good he always hit the bullseye
F                                   C
Savin’ for the car one day he would buy

[Verse 2]
No he wasn’t thinking of some average ride
  F                C
A Human Cannonball has a lot pride
If you’re gonna live large you need a high dramatic
F                               C
Eldorado Biarritz for this wild acrobatic

F             C  G                C
And Earl’s is red with shark-like fins
    F       C                 G         C
And that is where this little love tale begins
F             C      G              Am
The rear view mirror puts it all in scale
F      C     G            C
Earl’s dead- Cadillac for sale

[Verse 3]
She was an Everglades Girl partly Seminole
     F                       C
With an urge for going and a wondering soul
With a name like Moonvine she knew she’d never stay
F                              C
But that handsome human bullet stole her heart away

It was Saturday night after the midnight show
        F                                 C
She was staring at the car when he said, “hello.”
Didn’t take too much to move her off the reservation
F                                            C
Just a good looking boy with the right trans-portation

[Verse 4]
F               C    G                  C
And now Earl is Wed, Moonvine’s got her veil
F                C               G       C
Their tow’n that cannon down the Tamiami trail
F            C       G         Am
He’s got the talent, she’s got brains
F        C         G                C
Earl and Moonvine- left the land of sugarcane

So they  drove down to Panama and back up to Maine
Had  so much fun, hell, they did it again
Crossing   cities off the map as they shot down the road
       F#m                               B        G
Knowing   tow’n a cannon things could ex - plode

[Verse 5]
Now a Cadillac was always an Elvis thing
Polished chrome and gold it was the birth of bling
They came with personality, they made you a star
God  may have made the earth,
                    B    G
but Man made that c - ar

Now all the way back to the time of James Dean
F                         C
Car crash songs chewed up heroes and machines
Sick minds, stop signs and uncontrolled swerves
F                      C
But Earl and his Caddy could handle killer curves

[Verse 6]
So when the big top folded Earl took his last ride
F                              C
Moonvine kissed her boy goodbye, his exit had arrived
She shot his ashes ‘cross the gulf from that ancient rusty gun
F                            C
Nomads know when the show is done

F          C    G             C
And Earl’s dead he’s been air mailed
    F             C              G       C
And that Eldorado waiting on the Tamiami trail
F                        C         G              Am
For some shameless enter-tainer to blow in like a gale
F      C      G            C
Earl’s dead – Cadillac for sale

F      C    F      C
Earl’s Dead Earl’s dead
G    C
Am - en		
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