Аккорды Julia Ecklar - Pioneer's Song (feat. Leslie Fish)

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We sent them out to the planets
To worlds beyond our own,
Where frail men dared not venture
They traveled on alone.
Though they be no more than robots
 G                  F
To the stars they steer!
       Am                  G
And we wish them on their journey
        Am          G   Am
All the luck of the Pioneer.

They set their course for Jupiter
The ruler of the worlds,
To gain their speed from his mighty pull
As from a slingshot hurled
They stole for us his image,
His secrets guarded dear,
But gave in turn a royal gift
In the luck of the Pioneer.

Then on and out to Saturn,
The ringed queen of skies,
And through the very rings themselves
They carried our distant eyes.
We feared then for their safety,
But they could know no fear,
And they left their name on the gap they found
By the luck of the Pioneer.

The Sun grows dim behind them,
A billion miles or more.
The stars are e'er before them,
A glittering distant shore.
An age will pass before the day
A strange sun draws them near,
And 'til that day we'll raise a toast
To the luck of the Pioneer!

But should some other find them
As the galaxy they roam,
And study these strange craft of ours
And seek to learn their home,
Why, they carry our maps upon them,
In friendship written clear,
And we give to the race that reads them
All the luck of the Pioneer.

And when men someday follow
To the places they have been,
We'll take the paths they've marked for us
And see the sights they've seen.
To Jupiter and Saturn,
To the stars themselves we'll steer!
And we pray that God but grant us then
The luck of the Pioneer.

         Am                 G       F
Aye, we pray that God but grant us then
    Am          G   Am
The luck of the Pioneer!