Аккорды Kitchen Dwellers - Bottom Shelf

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| G       | D       | C       | Dadd4add9  C |
| G       | D       | C       | C            | C       | C       |

[Verse 1]
Well I'm waiting on
   D              G
Sunday to pass me by
            G/F#     Em
When you're clocking out
         C        D       G
A couple hours to closing time
              G/F#  Em
And if a long lost  friend
      Dadd4add9       G
Comes walking in here now
      G/F#   Em
Don't lie to them
            C      D      G
I'm good as in the broken ground

[Pre-Chorus 1]
        Em          D             G              C
I gotta get and get out while the gettin's still good
      Em        D       G              C
Cause we can't stand to be in the same room
              Em          D              G         C
And I've been breaking my back tryin' to heal your wounds
        Em      D              G        C
But I'm letting go because I'm drowning too
     Em      C         D        G
Yeah letting go before I follow you

[Chorus 1]
G/F#  Em         D                 C
       I see you writing me off to someone else
Em           D                C
 And I can't take it back for nothing hell
Em       D                    C
 I might put this down on the bottom shеlf
Em          D                C
 So I won't look at it every day, oh evеry day

| G       | D       | C       | Dadd4add9  C |
| G       | D       | C       | C            | C       | C       |

[Verse 2]
If you catch me out
     D                G
Wild-eyed and running bad
        G/F#    Em
And I'm chasing down
            C       D     G
Things that I ain't never had
            G/F#  Em
I might toe these lines
  D             G
Before me to my doom
          G/F#    Em
Or she'll take my hand
     C      D          G
Up into our neighbor's room

[Pre-Chorus 2]
         Em        D             G          C
Oh but I might get out while the gettin' is good
      Em       D           G      C
Cause I can't stand what's yet to come
         Em      D              G        C
And that morning light, well it burns my tongue
     Em          D            G    C
When it finds us here holdin' onto some
      Em         C          D      G
Yeah, might find me another way to run

[Chorus 2]
G/F#  Em         D              C
       And if I slip and fall into the well
Em           D               C
 Just let me dangle there in private hell
Em      D                  C
 I been hangin' out on this bottom shelf
Em               D             C
 Cause you won't look at me anyway, oh anyway

| G       | D       | C       | Dadd4add9  C |
| G       | D       | C       | C            | C       | C       |

| Em      | Em      | D       | G  G/F# |
| Em      | Em      | C   D   | G  G/F# |
| Em      | Em      | D       | G  G/F# |
| Em  D   | G   C   | Em  C   | D  G    | G       |

[Verse 3]
              G/F#  Em
When the ship set   sail
   D               G
We gathered up our ghosts
          G/F#  Em
But we bottomed out
   C     D       G
20 miles off the coast
                G/F#  Em
And when the captain  died
        D                  G
Well he swore that we'd go down
              G/F#  Em
But we turned the   tide
           C        D        G
Looks like he's the one that drowned

[Pre-Chorus 3]
          Em           D             G           C
Oh but at least we got out while the gettin' was good
        Em         D            G       C
Hell it sure beats dying in the morning sun
       Em         D              G           C
I hope somebody's happy with the things he's done
     Em         D                   G     C
Yeah who woulda thought we'd be the lucky ones
Em      C            D          G
Let 'em go when it's my time to run

[Chorus 3]
G/F#  Em       Dadd4add9      C
       I can't carry this all by myself
Em           Dadd4add9        C
 But I won't pass it off onto someone else
Em           D                 C
 It's time I put this up on the top shelf
Em        Dadd4add9        C          G
 So I can look at it every day, every day