Аккорды Klarion Devvins - Swings (feat. Guaychi)

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Дата добавления: 02 Декабря 2021г.
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Gm Ebmaj7 Em7b5 (Gm6) Gm7
Bb   Gm        Em7b5   Eb
Bb   Gm        Em7b5   Eb

Verse 1:

Gm7                            Gm
 You love to leave beautifully in french
Em7b5            Ebmaj7
into the fearful night
Gm7                             Gm
   Some kind of incomprehensible stench
    Em7b5             Ebmaj7
enveloped the city bright
Gm7                             Gm
    in a blunt hopeless perplexity
      Em7b5                                   Ebmaj7
I inhale dry and defective throat propane
   constant high intensity
which I have never experienced again.

D D7

Chorus 1:

   I'm swinging on a swings
Cm            D    F#dim (F#m7b5)
  Only with you
Gm                     Bb
   Gifted emerald ring
Cm                        F     Adim (Cm6)
Shines like a star; I knew
Bb                          Eb
    This is a magical tale
Ab                   D
   This is a new joke
Bb                      Eb
   Nor excitement nor pain
       Ab                                       D
Will not disturb your peace by the oak

Verse 2:

Gm7                                Gm
White-column hall, carved window sills
      Em7b5                  Ebmaj7
My hand touched them softly
Gm7                 Gm
  didn't take any medication or pills
Em7b5                      Ebmaj7
   was very calm and courtly
Gm7                                 Gm
   You told about styles and acquaintances
       Em7b5 (Gm6)       Ebmaj7
And, squinting, looked away,
   I'll take you from the past without balances
        D7                 F#dim
As if it all will just today.

Chorus 2:

     We swinging on a swings
Cm               D D7     F#dim
   Under a pulsating moon
Gm               Bb
Sky over the Malachite King-
Cm7                 F          Adim (Cm6)
dom filled with air balloons
Bb                              Eb
    This is a mysterious fiction
Ab                D    Am6
   It's eternal gleam
Bb                    Eb
   This is anti-affliction
Ab                     D
This is a twitchy dream


G              Em      B
This is my dream inside your dream
G          Em            B
And we constantly seem
G              Em   B
each other by air stream
C           A               D
which is heavier than steel...