Аккорды Lenich & Kirya - Beyond Her Garden (Wooden Toaster)

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Дата добавления: 16 Июля 2021г.
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Am   G   F  C

Am                         G 
You try your best but it's not quite there
F                            C
You kick a hoof and say it's just not fair
Am                   G 
A simple mare living simple dreams
F                   C
A rumour that's not quite as it seems

Am               G 
Carrot top, go beyond us
         F                  C
You're a late star, time to fool us
          Am                          G 
Keep your friends close, they're what drive you
       F             C
To the cosmos that describes you

Am              G 
Brighter than tonights sunset
F                  C
Can't mistake your silhouette
Am              G 
Not a sound nor voice nearby
F                          C
Your mane illuminates this gloomy sky