Аккорды Michelle Pfeiffer - Never Forget

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Intro: A A5 Asus A

Will you come home? 
E              A
  Will you stay with me?
        F#m              Bm               
Say you'll laugh, say you'll understand
E                      A
  Say you'll dance with me
       A                    Bm
Say you'll smile that silly smile for me
E                           A 
 Say you'll hold me in your arms so sweet
              F#m                 Bm
Will you come home? Will you come home to me?
E7    A  
Home, my love

  We will never forget you
E                   C#m A
  You will never leave
F#m                Bm
     In our hearts we kept you
E        F#m
We'll be safe

         Bm     E                        A
You'll remember   all the days of summer sun
        F#m            Bm
Hold me close in dark November
E7                  A
  Before the winter comes
        A                  Bm
Tell me all the things you wish for
E7                                 A
Tell me all that you would want to live for
            F#m              Bm
When you come home, when you come home to me
E7    A
Home, my love

              A         E                C#m    A
All the days of sorrow    will vanish in tomorrow
F#m                Bm
  You can count on me, my love
To be here
A                A      E                  C#m   A
  We will all be ready,   love and kindness  steady
F#m                Bm
  We will never forget you
E             A
You are home, my love

Бас-4-3-4 по два раза на аккорд.
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