Аккорды Ninja Sex Party - Death Metal

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[Verse 1]
B                    B
We were writing this album
   Em                         Em
My manager called and said: "we need a hit".
               E                      B
He said: "your music's not current enough for the kids,
            E                                B
so write a death metal song". We said: "Heck yeah you got it!"
B                 B
So I got out my beach ball,
      Em                          Em
my Hawaiian shirt with little coconuts on the sleeves
      E                              B
and wrote this brutal jam while the tall palm trees
   E                        F#7             E
began to sway gently in the island breeze.

[Chorus 1]
Death metal, the metal of death.
        A                           E                E
Better drink that margarita before your last breath.
The taste of Satan from our rock armada,
       A                     F#          E
An umbrella of evil in your piña colada.
Death metal, put on your leis.
          A                           E
Surfin' waves as your rotting mortal soul decays.
     E                           B
Lay back in the sand and drift slowly away,
      E                                   F#              B
and renounce your God's existence at the seafood buffet.

[Verse 2]
Our manager called us back and said:
SPOKEN: "Hey guys, it's your manager Brent. This definitely isn't death metal.
It sounds more like Jimmy Buffet"
    E                              B
We laughed at the way he's always joking around
             E                     B                   B
and then we tuned our ukuleles to get that dark sound.
We were in the metal festival that night
   Em                           Em
To play with some bands, it as such a great list.
      E                B
Like Demigod Slut and Chasm of filth
     E                      B
and Maggot Desecration And Graves of Piss.

[Steel drum solo]
B                B         Em           Em          E                     B              E  B
SPOKEN: "Steel drum solo! Defile me with that sax! Easy on those coconut shrimp, Jerry!"

[Chorus 2]
E                B
Death metal, the metal of death.
        A                            E
Tanning lotion on Corpse, he needs a high SPF.
        E                              B
Playing frisbee all day, you'll be running like a cheetah.
F#                                  F#7   E
Sacrificing goats with a sweet señorita.
Death metal, choke on our scum
            A                            E
Thanks for joining us today for all our tropical fun
          E             B
I have to say this vile concert went well
    F#                             F#7
Now suck this music tribute to our dark lord in hell!

(death metal noises)
SPOKEN: "What the heck was that?"