Аккорды Old 97's - In The Satellite Rides A Star

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This song is really easy in terms of chords. The only "hard" part is the rythmn.
It's played in D tuning, like most if not all Old 97's songs. 

The Chord patterns are the same they are as follows ... 

C and F 

Intro C F 

C                      F
Time knows you're done,time has your file 
F                                             C
I'm in the middle of letters you sign in your cursive, cusive style 
C                  F
Goin' down to none is different for boys and girls 
F                                     C
I got your number, I know who you are you're a satellite on the world 
C                                            F 
And I feel is slowin', and I feel it slowin' down x2